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Welcome. Beneficial organizations listed on ShopsThatGive receive donations when people shop on the Internet. All beneficial organizations qualify. Offensive organizations will not be listed.

Add your favorite organization by clicking Add a Cause and providing the information requested. It's free and easy. Newly listed organizations will be added in a few days. It could take longer occasionally. View our current list of organizations (causes).

How to Maximize Donations to Your Organization

The more you do the more funds you raise!
  • 56% of adults are connected to the Internet.
  • 52% of these people have purchased something via the Internet!
  • A new family is connected to the Internet every two seconds.

    Many of the people who designate your organization as beneficiary for shopping donations will be people who are already on your mailing lists. We find that the amount of money you receive is in proportion to your efforts to make your supporters aware of ShopsThatGive.com. Here are ways you can do that.

    1. Banners and/or Banner Links. Place a banner or banner link from ShopsThatGive.com on your website. You can download a banner or banner link from this website. Your webmaster can handle this. Click Here to view the banner selections.
    2. E-mail. Add a ShopsThatGive.com announcement to your next e-mail to supporters. Spread the good news about fundraising for your cause by using ShopsThatGive.com e-mails. Click Here to view the announcement flyers and e-mail samples you can download or copy. Send everyone in your e-mail address book one of these sample e-mails.
    3. Snail Mail. Download or copy an announcement flyer, letters or individual paragraphs. Customize to suit your situation and print it for mailing to your supporters with your next newsletter to supporters.
    4. Ask Us. Let us know if you have any questions or a special situation that we may be able to help you with. For help, e-mail comments@shopsthatgive.com.
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